Creating a classroom where all feel safe and nurtured is essential

Children will flourish in an environment in which they feel safe and cared for. This is important from a physical level as well as an emotional level. Playschools should be a place that all children feel that their unique talents and personalities are supported.

Every student has the capacity and the desire to learn through play

Regardless of background, or home situation each child has a fundamental desire to learn and connect in a way that is meaningful for them. Teachers in our playschool will strive to engage all students in learning and playing. Our goal is for each student feel that they have grown in confidence as a learner.

Instill in each child the attributes of citizenship and good character in a learning environment that promotes well-being and positive relationships

Playschool is a time of discovery and learning through play. The lessons that they learn at this young age can greatly benefit them as they mature and move on to formal education. Learning social skills and problem solving techniques are perhaps one of the most valuable lessons learned in playschool. It is time where children are learning the skills they need to navigate in relationship with peers and adults. Tiny Treasures Playschool promotes such attributes.

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We make the best practices to unleash each child's potential to ensure their smooth transition from weakness to strength, from dependence to independence.

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